2nd (Year Started 2012)

内田 健一

Ken-ichi Uchida (Group Leader, National Institute for Materials Science)

Creation of Innovative Energy Device Technology Based on Spin Currents

大久保 貴志

Takashi Okubo (Associate Professor, Kinki University)

Development of Hybrid-Interfaces Based on Ferroelectric Coordination Polymers, and its Application to Photovoltaic Devices

小林 厚志

Kobayashi Atsushi (Associate Professor, Hokkaido University)

Development of a self-assembled super-nanocrystal photocatalyst

SANG Liwen

SANG Liwen (Independent Researcher, National Institute for Materials Science)

Multi-band engineering of III-Nitride for high efficiency photoelectricity energy conversion devices

竹中 壮

Sakae Takenaka (Associate Professor, Kyushu Univeristy)

Development of highly active and durable electrocatalysts by coverage with metal oxide layers

津島 将司

Shohji Tsushima (Professor, Osaka University)

High Efficient Flow Battery with Intensive Utilization of Electrode-Electrolyte Interface

戸谷 剛

Tsuyoshi Totani (Associate Professor, Hokkaido University)

Wavelength Control of Radiation using Micro Structure with Metal Film

冨岡 克広

Katsuhiro Tomioka (Assistant Professor, Hokkaido University)

Development of novel hydrogen-generating devices and low-power switch using new semiconductor heterointerfaces

中山 将伸

Masanobu Nakayama (Associate Professor, Nagoya Institute of Technology)

Lithium dynamics at two phase boundary in electrode materials for lithium ion battery

二本柳 聡史

Satoshi Nihonyanagi (Research Scientist, RIKEN)

Development of an extreme nonlinear spectromicroscope for buried material interfaces

増田 卓也

Takuya Masuda (Senior Researcher, National Institute for Materials Science)

Investigation of the oxygen reduction reaction mechanism by in situ solid/liquid interface XPS