Energy systems of an Internet of Energy(IoE) society

Theme A “Design an energy system for an IoE society”

  • Sub-PD
    Hiroshi Asano
    Associate Vice President, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
    Visiting Professor, The University of Tokyo
    Specially Appointed Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

  • Innovation Strategy Coordinator (Strategy C)
    Bunro Shiozawa

Background and Purpose

In regard to energy management technologies, the Japanese government has taken the central role for conducting all aspects of projects (centered on demonstration projects) including for home energy management system (HEMS), building energy management system (BEMS), smart community (environmentally-friendly cities) projects, and virtual power plant (VPP) projects. Currently, as electrification and automated driving see progress in the transport sector, sector coupling of the transportation sector and energy sector is becoming a major theme.

For Theme A, centered on the Energy Management Technical Committee, we specify bottleneck subjects for effectively conducting energy management, and clarify results of promotion of further use of renewable energy through the control of the wireless power supply to the batteries of in-moving EVs and the widespread use of power electronics from the implementation of technologies from (B) and (C). In addition, focusing on the cyber layer of energy systems, propose a method for designing energy systems that includes architecture to receive data from different areas.