Materials Integration

Domain C
Applications of the Inverse Design MI to Actual Structural Materials(3D Powder Processing)


The realization of innovative materials and processes utilizing integrated materials development for 3D powder process of heat-resistant alloys with intense development competition and CMCs which are super high temperature heat-resistant materials for next-generation transportation and energy equipment, and this development will strengthen industrial competitiveness in Japan.

C1 Development of Additive Manufacturing Process for Ni-based Alloys

Additive Manufacturing(AM)process for Ni-based alloys is the advanced process that can lead to innovations in parts shape and materials properties, and it is expected to be applied to combustion burners of gas turbines for power generators. However, the AM process requires a complex and wide-range parameter optimization. In this research, we are aiming to improve durability of the combustion burners through demonstrating the actual fabrication of new Nibased alloys being found by MI system for the AM process.

C2 Development of Ni-based Powder Metallurgy Processing for High Performance Aircraft Engine Disk

High-strength Ni-based forged materials by melting process have been used for disk materials for commercial aircraft engines, but Ni- based disk materials made from powder as a raw material is now being applied to high-pressure turbine disks which are in a severe environment, in order to manage an increase in combustion temperature, and this application is expected to expand in the future. We will develop a new process that will be low-cost and enable to obtain higher mechanical behaviors than the conventional western processes, utilizing superior domestic technology.

C4 Development of Powder Manufacturing Process and Basic Technologies for High Performance TiAl based Alloy Turbine Blades

In order to meet a rapid increase of demand for LTP blades made by TiAl alloys for jet engines, a sophisticated MI system is to be built for the development of novel TiAl LPT blades manufactured by powder processes of both Metal Injection Molding (MIM) and Additive Manufacturing(AM), in cooperation with university/industry collaborations. The developed MI system, consisting of three modules of microstructure design, property prediction and manufacturing processes, for the inverse problems, will be utilized in the following way; the designed novel alloys will be powderized, followed by manufacturing to real-scale LPT blades through MIM process, and they will be subjected to test to verify the required mechanical properties. The uniquely customized powders will also be used for AM process to develop further sophisticated MI system. The improvement obtained as a result of this project will help enhance industrial strength in Japan.

C5 Realistic Simulation of Ceramic Matrix Composites Targeted for High Temperature Components in Jet Engines

The reliability assurance scheme accounting for specificity of Ceramic Matrix Composites(CMCs)is imperative for the deployment of CMCs in high temperature components in jet engines in the near future. We will categorize major issues in the reliability assurance to processes, structures and properties, and will overcome these issues by strategic combination of theories, numerical simulations and tests. The virtual test environment will be realized to utilize for the reliability of CMCs hot components of jet engines.