Energy systems of an Internet of Energy(IoE) society


  • March 31, 2023

    'Energy systems of an Internet of Energy(IoE) society' has been completed in March 2023.

Program Director

  • Program Director

    Program Director
    Takao Kashiwagi
    Distinguished Professor and Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Institute of Technology
    Chairman, Advanced Cogeneration and Energy Utilization Center JAPAN

Research and Development

Background and Purpose

This subject realize an Internet of Energy(IoE) society with Society 5.0 era energy systems, we will consider designs for next-generation energy conversion and transmission systems of a society where renewable energy is the main energy source, build smart systems contributing to optimization of energy use, implement R&D toward achieving innovation in high-speed energy conversion and transmission systems that are the component technologies for that, and implement this in society.

Specifically, from the perspective of making renewable energy the main source of energy, Theme A “Design an energy system for an IoE society” shows a grand design for the energy systems in an IoE society toward implementation in society, and works on designing of a data linkage platform targeting subjects such as energy data analysis.

Theme B “IoE common platform technology,” on shared basic technologies for realizing the grand design, develops the universal smart power model (USPM) that enables optimal control of sudden load fluctuation and voltage fluctuation with excellent universal and smart properties, as well as development of next-generation power transmission systems focused on application in the wireless power transmission (WPT) systems.

In addition, Theme C “R&D for application/practical implementation of IoE” presents the form of a super-smart, resilient IoE society. It develops WPT systems for indoor sensor networks and mobile information equipment as a practical example of implementation in society of devices developed in Theme B. It also develops WPT systems for drones focusing on diverse uses.

Image of the energy system of an IoE society

An IoE society means a society where energy supply information and consumption information are combined on the internet, and there is management of both energy supply and demand. This subject aims to create smart cities by formulating a grand design for implementation of comprehensive energy management that aggregates various systems including electric, thermal, and chemical.

Grand design for the energy system of an IoE society

Research and Development Plan

Research and Development Plan for Energy systems of an IoE society (PDF:1280KB)

Energy Systems of an IoE Society Summary (PDF:268KB)

Research and Development Items

R&D Structure