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Research of Innovative Material and Process for Creation of Next-generation Electronics Devices

Research Supervisor
Hisatsune Watanabe
President, EUVL Infrastructure Development Center, Inc
Year Started


This Research Area aims at transcending saturation of technology evolution based on a semiconductor Roadmap strategy. It covers research on material, structure, and process development for creating innovative and viable electronics devices that have novel function and high performance that can not be realized merely by the scaling paradigm. Specifically, candidate subjects include: research for highly integrated information processing devices with a novel principle that can solve practical issues, such as increased power consumption and inflation of manufacturing cost; research for devices demonstrating novel function and high performance by the fusion of various technologies or materials including organic substances; process research that enables the above; or research exploiting a novel application thereof. This Research Area promotes research that is expected to engender practical technologies, rather than investigation of properties and mechanisms of materials and processes.

Strategic Sector

Exploitation of Materials and Nanoprocesses for the Realization of Novel Electronic Devices with Novel Concepts, Novel Functions and Novel Structures

Research Projects

Year Started : 2009
Research Director Affiliation Research Project
Kenji Ohmori Associate Professor, University of Tsukuba Development of guiding principles for controlling fluctuations in nanoelectronic devices through the picosecond-scope physical analyses
Susumu Okada Associate Professor, University of Tsukuba Design and study of graphite devices based on computational science
Shoji Kamiya Professor, Nagoya Institute of Technology Development of local evaluation method for the mechanical strength of high density multi-layer wiring and three dimensional stacking structures
Takashi Kimura Professor, Kyushu University Development of ultra-high speed nano spin devices using a three-dimensional injection technique of charge-less spin currents
Tsuyoshi Hasegawa Principal Investigator, National Institute for Materials Science Development of the three-terminal nonvolatile device 'Atom Transistor'
Nobuya Mori Associate Professor, Osaka University Development of integrated simulators from atomistic theory to compact model
Shinji Yuasa Director,National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Development of metal/oxide hybrid devices by novel deposition processes
Year Started : 2008
Research Director Affiliation Research Project
Tetsuo Endoh Professor, Tohoku University Research and Development of Vertical Body Channel MOSFET andIts Integration Process
Hiroo Kinoshita Professor, University of Hyogo Development of Ultra-Fine Structure Metrology System using Coherent EUV Source
Akira Toriumi Professor, The University of Tokyo Understanding and Control of Solid-State Interfaces for Ge-CMOS with High-K Gate Dielectric Film
Sadamichi Maekawa Director,Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) Development of Novel Materials and Functions Based on Numerical Simulations
Shinji Matsui Professor, University of Hyogo Research and Development on Process Science and CD Control in High-Throughput Nanoimprint
Year Started : 2007
Research DirectorAffiliationResearch Project
Hiro Akinaga Director, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Research of Functional-oxides and Development of Interface-Phase-Change Switching Devices
Taiichi Otsuji Professor, Tohoku University Development of Graphene-on-Silicon Material/Device Technologies
Takatomo Sasaki Specially Appointed Professor, Osaka University Development of Nonlinear Optical Crystal for Vacuum UV Laser
Satoshi Sugahara Associate Professor, Tokyo Institue of Technology Spin-Based Functional MOSFET Devices Using Half-Metallic Ferromagnet
Seiichi Tagawa Specially Appointed Professor, Osaka University Study on Resist Materials for Nanofabrication and Development of Process Simulator
Mizuhisa Nihei Fujitsu Limited Three-dimensional Carbon Active Interconnects for LSI
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