Inspection, Monitoring and Diagnostics Technologies

Research Outline

Inspection, monitoring and diagnostic technologies have been developed to fully estimate damages of civil infrastructures. R&D subjects such as an internal defect inspection technology using supersensitive magnetic nondestructive testing, an integrated diagnostic system using high-speed traveling noncontact radar, remote diagnostic technology using supersensitive near infra-red spectroscopy, a pavement inspection system, floor slab deterioration detection using onboard underground probe radar, and the displacement monitoring technique for infrastructures using Satellite SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) are in progress.

●Ultrasensitive magnetic nondestructive testing for deterioration evaluation and creating a preservation plan of infrastructures

●Inner defects inspection for tunnel lining using rapidly scannable non-contact radar and synthetic soundness diagnosis system

●Remote sensing of concrete structure with the high-sensitive near-infrared spectroscopy

●Simple pavement inspection system utilizing an airport ground vehicle

●Wide area displacement monitoring for early detection of deformation or damage of civil engineering structures using satellite SAR*1

●Detection of floor slab deterioration using the onboard underground probe radar