Researchers and Themes

Rie Y Umetsu Junpei T. Okada Atsunori Kamegawa Hidekazu Kurebayashi
Genki Kobayashi Takahiro Kondo Shinichiro Seki Atsushi Tsukazaki
Satoru Nakatsuji Masahiro Miyauchi    

* High-impact type

Rie Y Umetsu Research of the novel materials with high spin-polarization, and change of the physical properties and electronic states by controlling of the atomic configuration

Rie Y Umetsu
Tohoku University
Institute for Materials Research, Assistant Professor

Outline of Research Theme

Development of innovative devices, such as high-speed, high-capacity and ultra-low-power electronic devices, has been desired towards the highly information-based society. Ferromagnetic materials with complete spin polarization and high magnetic transition temperature are greatly applicable. Purpose of the present research is searching novel materials with high spin-polarization for applications to the spintronics devices and optimizing the physical properties with ideal electronic states at the finite temperature by controlling the atomic configurations.