Researchers and Themes

Hideki Abe Ryotaro Arita Kazunori Ueno Naoto Umezawa
Kohei Endo * Gen-ichi Konishi Kazunori Sato Yoshiaki Nakamura
Taro Hitosugi Masaki Mizuguchi Makoto Moriya Ikuya Yamada

* High-impact type

Hideki Abe Development of precious-metal-free intermetallic catalysts for exhaust purification

Hideki Abe
National Institute for Materials Science
Advanced Electronics Materials Center, Senior Researcher

Outline of Research Theme

This project is aimed at realizing precious-metal-free catalysts for exhaust purification. First, the relation between the surface electronic state of catalysts and the adsorption strength of reactants is elucidated. Second, a systematic material research is conducted to find out such intermetallic compounds that are free from precious metals yet show as high activities as precious metal catalysts. Third, nanoparticles of catalytic intermetallic compounds are synthesized in a wet-chemistry route to achieve high active surface areas. The goal of this project is practical exhaust catalysts applicable to automobiles.