Researchers and Themes

Hideki Abe Ryotaro Arita Kazunori Ueno Naoto Umezawa
Kohei Endo * Gen-ichi Konishi Kazunori Sato Yoshiaki Nakamura
Taro Hitosugi Masaki Mizuguchi Makoto Moriya Ikuya Yamada

* High-impact type

Gen-ichi Konishi New Paradigm of Electron Transfer Chemistry for Organic Catalyst

Gen-ichi Konishi
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Department of Organic and Polymeric Materials, Associate Professor

Outline of Research Theme

A novel organic catalyst having long-lived and high photocatalytic oxidation and reduction abilities was constructed by using an appropriate donor-acceptor system. This catalytic system has an important potential of taking over from a conventional photocatalyst and opening up a new field of photoinduced electorn transfer reactions. The aim of this research is establishment of the concept of this organic catalyst and to develop the solar energy conversion without using rare metal.