Researchers and Themes

Hideki Abe Ryotaro Arita Kazunori Ueno Naoto Umezawa
Kohei Endo * Gen-ichi Konishi Kazunori Sato Yoshiaki Nakamura
Taro Hitosugi Masaki Mizuguchi Makoto Moriya Ikuya Yamada

* High-impact type

Kohei Endo Development of Pseudo Elements Based on Organic Chemistry

Kohei Endo
Waseda University
Waseda Institute for Advanced Study, Assistant Professor

Outline of Research Theme

The society requires elements that are typically limited to less than 90 atoms in common life. The recent intense competitions for gathering these valuable atoms cause a major problem for the sustainable society. The design of artificial pseudo elements including atom clusters would serve new materials that are independent of rare atoms.The present study would demonstrate the design, synthesis, and application of pseudo elements based on organic chemistry for the next benchmark of material science.