[EMS] Creation of Fundamental Theory and Technology to Establish a Cooperative Distributed Energy Management System and Integration of Technologies Across Broad Disciplines Toward Social Application

Strategic Objective

Creation of theory, mathematical model,  and fundamental technology to establish  a cooperative distributed energy  management system, which enables the  optimization of demand and supply for various energies including renewable energy(2012)

Research Supervisor

Masayuki Fujita(Professor, Department of Information Physics & Computing, The University of Tokyo)


The goal of this research area is to create theory, mathematical models and fundamental technology for optimal control of energy demand and supply in energy management systems linking customers and a variety of energy sources including renewable energy. Specifically, this research area invites proposals on theory and basic technologies to realize cooperative control and situation awareness of spatially distributed energy demand and supply through mutual and real-time interactions of both energies and information. It is also promoted to create theory and basic technologies integrating human behavior and social rationality in order to lead the selfish decision making of consumers and suppliers to social advantages in overall energy management system.

Moreover, it is also encouraged to create theory and basic technologies to grasp the status of, estimate, and forecast demand and supply of renewable energy by learning from satellite data, regional meteorological observations, geographical information, and past supply-demand records. This research area also aims at combining different research fields such as system science, control, information, communication, energy and social science in view of the exit of establishing a cooperative distributed energy management system.

Research Area Advisors

・Hiroshi Asano
Associate Vice President, Energy Innovation Center, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry

・Shuichi Adachi
Professor, Keio University

・Yutaka Iino
Researcher, Advance Collaborative Research Organization for Smart Society, Waseda University

・Tadahiro Goda
Visiting professor,The Eco-electric Power Research Center, Aichi Institute of Technology,

・Mitsuji Sampei
Professor, Tokyo Institute of Tchnology

・Toshiharu Sugie
Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University

・Marmiroli Marta
Group Manager, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

・Kenji Yamanishi
Professor, The University of Tokyo

Year Started:2015

System Theory for Harmonized Power System Control Based on PV Power Prediction
Research Director:
Jun-ichi Imura(Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Principle Design, Experimental Proof, Implementation and Policy Recommendation to Establish Energy Supply-demand Networks based on Integration of Economic Models and Physical Models
Research Director:
Kenko Uchida (Professor, Waseda University)

Integrated Design of Local EMSs and their Aggregation Scenario Considering Energy Consumption Behaviors and Cooperative Use of Decentralized In-Vehicle Batteries
Research Director:
Tatsuya Suzuki (Professor, Nagoya University)

Improvement of Terrestrial Science Data Availability and Development of the Energy Demand Models for a Cooperative Distributed Energy Management System
Research Director:
Takashi Y. Nakajima(Professor, Tokai University)

Development of distributed cooperative EMS methodologies for multiple scenarios by using versatile demonstration platform
Research Director:
Yasuhiro Hayashi(Professor, Waseda University)


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