[Takashi Y. Nakajima] Improvement of Terrestrial Science Data Availability and Development of the Energy Demand Models for a Cooperative Distributed Energy Management System

Research Director

Takashi Y. Nakajima

Takashi Y. Nakajima

Tokai University


Our research purpose is to contribute to Energy Management System (EMS) by establishing theory foundation of the states and the variations of terrestrial information related to energy estimation and of energy demand, both as scientific elements. The team will cooperatively advance the essential research in EMS on geoscience and on energy demand, and we particularly aim to answer the following questions;  - How precise the estimated geo-scientific data in the current state, of short-term forecast and in the future will be;  - What factors determine energy demand; What can control consumer demand in a cooperative distributed EMS and how each means works;  - How the geo-scientific information will influence energy demand, and consequently, what effect is brought on EMS.    This collaborative study in terrestrial information and energy demand is a unique and brand-new research framework.

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