Research themes before organization of the strongest teams

Year Started : 2012

Distributed intrusion detection methods for power grids and control communication networks in electric power systems

Research Director:
Hideaki Ishii(Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Optimal dispatch control of hugescale power systems under prediction uncertainty of photovoltaic power generation

Research Director:
Jun-ichi Imura(Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Home energy management system with consideration of consumer acceptability

Research Director:
Yumiko Iwafune(Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo)

Development of a method to comprehend and predict wind conditions required for offshore wind-power generation

Research Director:
Hiroshi Uyeda(Professor, Nagoya University)

The optimal mechanism for integrating strategic behaviors of agents on energy supply-demand networks into public benefit

Research Director:
Kenko Uchida (Professor, Waseda University)

Realization of distributedly and cooperatively controlled power distribution systems with fault ride-through capabilities consisting of grid connection inverters and batteries

Research Director:
Yoshito Ohta( Professor, Kyoto University)

Robust distributed optimal control for enabling approximately 75% penetration of wind and solar generation to electrical grids

Research Director:
Hiromitsu Ohmori (Professor, Keio University)

Construction and demonstration community nano-grid based on `i-energy’

Research Director:
Takekazu Kato (Researcher, Kyoto University)

Dynamic analysis technologies for multi-energy systems

Research Director:
Yoshihiko Susuki( Lecturer, Kyoto University)

Design of model predictive energy management system using in-vehicle battery

Research Director:
Tatsuya Suzuki (Professor, Nagoya University)

Development of a complex network based model and an optimization theory for dynamics of electric power systems toward large-scale integration of renewable energy

Research Director:
Hideyuki Suzuki( Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo)

Development of a geoscientific data analysis system for harmonized utilization of the terrestrial renewable energy

Research Director:
Takashi Y. Nakajima(Professor, Tokai University)

Fundamental study on theory and modeling for novel applications of energy storage systems and controllable loads

Research Director:
Jumpei Baba (Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo)

Development of technology for collaborative energy management system and foundation for versatile demonstrative research and its evaluation

Research Director:
Yasuhiro Hayashi(Professor, Waseda University)

Development of system control theory for regional integrated energy system design : glocal control point of view

Research Director:
Shinji Hara(Professor, The University of Tokyo)

Dependable control of networked large-scale systems

Research Director:
Yasumasa Fujisaki(Professor, Osaka University)

Year Started : 2013

Design principle of real-time pricing

Research Director:
Shun-ichi Azuma(Associate Professor, National University Corporation, Kyoto University)

Behavioral Economics Approach toward the Demand Response of Energy Consumption and the Social Development of Smart Grid

Research Director:
Takanori Ida(Professor, Kyoto University)

Information and Experience Effect on Consumer Behavior in Collaborative Distributed Energy Management System

Research Director:
Hiroshi OHASHI(Professor of Economics, University of Tokyo)

Development of ‘Enegy Demand Simulation Model for Cooperative Distributed Energy Management Systems

Research Director:
Yoshiyuki Shimoda(Professor, Osaka University)

Optimal operation of electric power systems as infrastructure based on fairness and rationality for all participants

Research Director:
Hideharu Sugihara(Associate Professor, Osaka University)

Basic theory and methodology development of highly accurate simulation technology for power systems incorporating device-level modeling of the applied power electronics

Research Director:
Yoshifumi Zoka(Associate Professor, Hiroshima University)

Information and Experience Effect on Consumer Behavior in Collaborative Distributed Energy Management System

Research Director:
Kazuyoshi Hidaka(Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

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