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JST's International Strategy

Revision of the International Strategy for the Promotion of Internationalization of JST's Overall Programs and Services (August 2017)

JST is a network-based institution conducting world-class R&D through a network of research organizations located primarily outside JST. The International Strategy aims to define the policies of JST from a global perspective, so that JST's various activities lead to greater innovation and achieve wider dissemination, both internally and externally. The strategy has been developed in accordance with JST's Fourth Medium- to Long-term Objectives and Plan and the outcomes of discussions across various governmental committees.

The International Strategy is a revision of "International Strategies Concerning the Third Medium-term Plan of JST," published in August 2012. We regard this updated Strategy as a living document, to be kept current with domestic and international circumstances in the pursuit of greater efficiency.

JST is a policy-driven R&D institution with broad and varied activities centered around the implementation of R&D programmes, especially through the financing of projects. JST's activities include science communication, fostering human resources in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI), developing platforms for STI information and other functions akin to a think tank. The comprehensive nature of JST's activities is its strength and leads to new value creation through STI in an era of change. JST also contributes proactively to the system reform required to achieve this goal.

The nature of STI worldwide is undergoing dynamic change. This tendency is clearly observed in the growing trend towards open international cooperation in research and business, in the application of science and technology to the issues that are difficult to solve by a single country or institution, and in the increasing circulation of exceptional talent across borders. In order to maintain Japanese R&D's leading position in the global flow of knowledge and to increase the probability of innovation, it is essential to incorporate global elements at every stage of R&D.

JST serves as a catalyst and a driving force for innovation through interactions with and access to global wisdom, and by connecting institutes and researchers inside and outside of Japan. To that end, we will establish a system to design, manage, and evaluate all of JST's programmes and services from a global perspective. We encourage those members of staff supporting R&D and others involved to increase their awareness of the global context and acquire global perspectives (promotion of global literacy). By doing this, we aim to reinforce our organizational competence. We aim to reach the level of "100% global" by the end of FY 2021, when our Fourth Medium- to Long-term Plan ends.

Specifically, we will carry out the following:

  • Reform of Research Funding

    Develop and promote a funding strategy utilizing JST's advantages as an advanced network-based research institution with diverse programme deployment. Make our programmes more international, e.g., by greater incorporation of global perspectives from the programme design phase. Reinforce the competence of research teams so as to maximize R&D outcomes.

  • Implement Strategic Cooperation

    Define criteria and priorities when choosing partners. Develop and take active measures, including the establishment of flexible partnerships not limited to existing partners. Use various global networks of stakeholders (global circles) strategically.

  • Reinforce the Information Collection and Analysis Function and Its Organic Coordination and Utilization

    Realize the collection, analysis, and dissemination of global trends and policy challenges concerning STI in a timely manner. Reinforce the function to analyze evidence supporting strategic internationalization.

  • Human Resource Development

    Encourage each member of JST staff to take ownership in the internationalization of the programme or service they lead. Foster personnel competent in international communication and capable of promoting activities with a global perspective.

  • Organizational Reform

    Establish protocols for initiating international cooperation based on the comprehensive benefits to Japan and JST. Optimize task distribution and resource allocation.

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Open Science Policy

JST revised JST Policy on Open Access to Research Publications and Research Data Management(JST Open Science Policy) in consideration of recent trends of Open Science both inside and outside Japan in April 2022. This policy defines JST's basic stance on Open Access to research publications and management of research data resulting from research projects funded by JST. Researchers who participate in those projects are required to handle research results appropriately complying with this policy.
※JST revised parts of the English translation of the JST Open Science Policy.


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