[Kenko Uchida] Principle Design, Experimental Proof, Implementation and Policy Recommendation to Establish Energy Supply-demand Networks based on Integration of Economic Models and Physical Models

Research Director

Kenko Uchida

Kenko Uchida

Waseda University


This research project is intended to establish the basic theory to reveal/embody the ideal next generation energy supply-demand system, and to provide policy recommendations based on the experimental proofs regarding economic and social implementations. To this end, the main focus of the project is placed on the following four research challenges:
(1) construction of energy consumption models based on human behavior, analysis and optimization of energy supply-demand balance,and automated demand response promotion strategy; (2) construction and analysis of energy economic models for consumer behavior,energy markets, and long-range energy policy; (3) principle design and economic efficiency evaluation of dynamic integration mechanisms that integrate strategic decision making and control of selfish supply and/or demand dynamical agents into public benefit,decentralized algorithm, fast algorithm, and energy service with reliability improvement; (4) integration mechanism and control strategy based on integration of economic models and physical models for renewable energy.

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