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Etiological Basics of and Techniques for Treatment of Allergic and Autoimmune Diseases

Research Supervisor
Kazuo Sugamura
President, Miyagi Prefectural Hospital Organization
Year Started


This research area aims to improve prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of human immunological diseases, centered on allergic and autoimmune diseases, and includes research for development of basic technologies for improvement of appropriate functioning of the immune system. Diseases centered on allergic responses and autoimmune systems vary from those that may lower the quality of life (QOL) of patients to those leading to death in serious cases. Deepened understanding of the immune mechanism and control of such diseases at levels of molecules, cells, organs, and tissues will be evolved into understanding of a higher-level control immune network system at individual levels, leading to clinical application. Specific examples of research projects include immunoregulatory mechanisms by regulatory cells, construction mechanisms of the mucous membrane immune system, autoimmune system, acquired immune system, and natural immune system and their control, etiological mechanisms of autoimmune and allergic diseases, immune and infection control mechanisms, development of drugs and vaccines against diseases and measurement of their effects, establishment of methods for diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and so forth.

Strategic Sector

Development of Medical Technology using Immunoregulation to Overcome Allergic and Autoimmune Diseases Including Pollinosis

Research Projects

Year Started : 2010
Research Director Affiliation Research Project
Akira Shibuya Professor, University of Tsukuba Control of allergic diseases by regulation of human mast cell activation
Kiyoshi Takeda Professor, Osaka University Development of a new strategy targeting innate immunity for treatment of intestinal immune disorders
Year Started : 2009
Research Director Affiliation Research Project
Hisashi Arase Professor, Osaka University Regulation of immune response and infection by targeting paired receptors.
Taku Okazaki Professor, The University of Tokushima Identification of new therapeutic targets by genetic dissection and reconstitution of autoimmune diseases in mice.
Hajime Karasuyama Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental University Novel mechanisms of allergy and its regulation
Tatsuo Kinashi Professor, Kansai Medical University Disregulated of immune-cell trafficking signaling and development of autoimmunity
Tomohiro Kurosaki Specially Appointed Professor, Osaka University Development of a novel way to treat autoimmune disease by regulating humoral immune systems
Tadatsugu Taniguchi Professor, University of Tokyo Analysis of the regulatory mechanisms that underlie nucleic acid-mediated immune responses and its development into therapeutic strategies against immune disorders
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