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Novel Immunotherapies Exploiting Inhibitory Mechanisms of Immunoreceptors

Research Project Outline

We will establish novel therapeutic strategies against allergic and autoimmune diseases by enhancing immunoregulatory poteintials of cell-surface receptors, such as FcgRIIB and LILRB, critical inhibitory receptors for IgG and MHC class I molecules, respectively. We plan polishing-up of intravenous g-globulin therapies and enhancement of self-tolerance by developing agonistic ligands to the critical immuno-regulatory receptors. Moreover, we will examine these basic and pre-clinic ideas in NOG mice with the humanized immune system, and will maturate our original concept into the development of versatile immunoregulatory tools for the immune system in humans.

Research Director
Professor, Tohoku University
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Etiological Basics of and Techniques for Treatment of Allergic and Autoimmune Diseases
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