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Elucidation of the Pathogenic Mechanisms of Allergic and Autoimmune Diseases and Development of new Therapeutics Targeted on IL-17 Family Molecules and C-Type Lectin Recepors.

Research Project Outline

Upon infection, immune cells are activated and produce cytokines through recognition of these pathogens by pathogen-associated molecular pat-tern recognition molecules such as TLR or C-type lectins, resulting in the eladication of these pathogens. However, excess activation of this system may also cause allergy and autoimmunity. In this project, we will analyze the functional roles of cytokines including IL-17A/IL-17F and C-type lectins including Dectin-1/2 and Dcir in the development of dis-eases such as rheumatoid arthritis, allery, and infectious diseases, and try to develop novel therapeutics against these diseases.

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Director and Professor, University of Tokyo
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Etiological Basics of and Techniques for Treatment of Allergic and Autoimmune Diseases
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