Talent Development Programs

Practical Training for Technology Transfer Personnel

Collaborative Research Mentorship Course

Trainee Application
[Recruitment and Screening of Applicants]

*Announcing call for applications at anytime.

[Number of Participants to Recruit]

Approximately 20 persons


An applicant must satisfy both 1 and 2:

  • The applicant is a coordinator (CD), research administrator (RA), or other specialist, or other staff member who works for a university and has over 1–2 years of practical experience in industry-academia collaboration or technology transfer (including administrative staff.) (Past experience is not required if the applicant is highly motivated.)
  • The applicant has completed a training in which he or she acquired basic skills related to technology transfer and industry-academia collaborations. (Ex. On-campus or internal training, training provided by local governments or local foundations, etc.) (Ex. Selection Specialists Development Program(JST), Training Seminar for the Derivation of Research Results in the Medical Field (AMED), License Associate Training (UNITT), INPIT Training, and training sessions provided by Japan Intellectual Property Association, etc.)
[Selection Method]

JST will follow the selection criteria below to screen the applicants based on the application documents they submit.

[Selection Criteria]
  • The training plan proposed by the applicant conforms to the purpose of this training and is dedicated to solving the issues the applicant faces in the collaborative research projects he or she is responsible for at his or her affiliated organization.
  • The applicant’s practical issues or difficulties in collaborative research described on the overall training plan are appropriate.
  • The described issues are expected to be solved during the training period.
  • The applicant shows a proactive attitude to plan and engage in the training plan. - The applicant shows a cooperative attitude toward working with the mentor.

Any personal information included in the application form will be retained only by TLO and JST, and will not be used for other purposes except participant selection. TLO or JST will not publicly release applicants’ personal information.