What are Innovative Talents in Science and Technology?

Active participation of researchers and other diverse talents is essential for innovation in the field of science and technology. In particular, to further the accumulation of advanced intellect and practical applications in universities and other public research institutions, a variety of human resources are needed, including technology transfer personnel to apply R&D results in society, a program manager to plan and manage R&D projects, University Research Administrators (URAs) whose principal duty is to manage all the research activities, technical supporters who assist in the operation of research facilities or equipment, and university administration personnel.

Among them, talents with a high level of expertise in technology management and intellectual property (IP), as well as a good understanding of exit strategies for newly developed businesses and business models, are in high demand, to promote the swift and effective application of knowledge. The collaboration of such talents with sophisticated expertise (collectively called the “innovative talents in science and technology”) and researchers with advanced R&D capabilities is anticipated to generate new, ground-breaking value.

However, such “talents” are scarce, and individuals’ skills and abilities are not sufficiently adaptive to the rapidly changing society. To address these issues, the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) has been working on nurturing and promoting diverse, innovative talents who will drive technological and scientific innovations. Specific examples of our efforts are as follows:

Industry-Academia Collaboration Coordinator and other Technology Transfer Personnel (“Selection Specialists”)

We believe that coordinators play the most crucial role in creating “new value” in industry–academia–government collaborations. They are expected to liaise the seeds of technology created in academia/industry, market needs, IP, and R&D resources; understand the dynamics among them; and, utilize the network of people and organizations to consolidate these elements in the form of business.
Thus, the coordinators must have an extraordinary capability as producers who select and nurture promising research findings (the “seeds” of technology) or identify society’s needs to enhance the value of the “seeds.” They are also relied on to orchestrate the business development and tackle numerous challenges expected in the course of commercialization (i.e., market, IP, alliance, and business models)

Program Manager (PM)

Transferring the technology owned by individual organizations and using it is a crucial approach. At the same time, it is also essential to obtain superior technologies beyond national and organizational boundaries, achieve higher R&D goals, and promote the establishment of an aggressive R&D environment that could trigger technological innovation. Hence, there is a high demand for program managers who are different from researchers or technology transfer personnel and are capable of designing R&D plans, selecting promising research seeds and researchers, and organizing both interdisciplinary and inter-organizational programs.

Which course is suitable for you?

Your background is in research (researcher, post-doctorate fellow, PhD student, etc.) and you are: Your background is in development and commercialization (at firms, etc.) and you are: Your background is in R&D promotion/assistance (as an academia-industry coordinator, URA, faculty, etc.) and:
Considering becoming a URA Considering starting a business in the future Interested in program manager jobs Considering becoming a URA Interested in applying to JST or NEDO programs Are aspiring to work as a URA / a coordinator in research administration Have no experience in work related to technology transfer Are less experienced (few years of experience) Have a certain amount of experience and want to further your career Want to study the boundaries of research assistance and create new value yourself
Selection Specialists Development for Research Promotion and Management
Selection Specialists Development for Value Creation
Selection Specialists Development for of Entrepreneurial Environment
Practical Training for Technology Transfer Personnel
Program Manager (PM) Training