Talent Development Programs

Practical Training for Technology Transfer Personnel

Comprehensive Licensing / Licensing Mentorship Courses

Trainee Application
[Recruitment and Screening of Applicants]

*The application period has ended. The next opening will be announced on this website. 

[Number of Recruited Participants] 

1. Comprehensive Licensing Course: 2 persons
2. Licensing Mentorship Course: 7 persons

[Selection Method] 

JST will evaluate an applicant’s aptitude and finalize the decision by examining the compatibility between the applicant’s needs and TLO’s training content. 

[Selection Criteria]

JST will screen and select the applicants who match the target requirements of trainees and who JST recognizes as “core personnel,” who will be the future of technology transfers.

[Announcement of Results]

Results are expected by mid-July. (Applicant will be notified of the results via email. )


Any personal information included in the application form will be retained only by TLO and JST, and will not be used for purposes other than applicant selection. TLO and JST will not publicly release the applicants’ personal information of the applicants. 

Can a fixed-term employee also apply? 
Can several staff members from the same organization apply? 
Upon applying and participating in the training, is it necessary to obtain approval (a letter of consent) from the organization I am affiliated with? 
It is not a mandatory requirement. 
■About the training
How are the curriculum and schedules of the training decided?
The essential feature of this training is a practical learning opportunity to understand various aspects of technology transfer operations. Therefore, each participant and TLO will coordinate and decide the content and schedules of the training. There is no ready-made curriculum or schedules (specific dates during the training period). 
How flexible are the training hours of the Comprehensive Licensing Course [Basic Course], which includes “100 hours” of training? 
One hundred hours is a rough indication. The number of hours of training can be larger or smaller.
Can the number of hours of training for the Individual Mentorship Course exceed 50 hours?
As a principle, it will be kept within 50 hours.
How much is the registration fee for the training? Are participants compensated for the transportation fee and other expenses?
Registration is free. As a principle, participants will be compensated for transportation and accommodation fees and other expenses needed to participate in the training, as well as costs required to participate in off-campus events or training. All expenses will be paid according to the TLO’s regulations. (Eligible expenses must be approved by JST and be within the budget.)
Do you issue a certificate of attendance?
JST will issue a “Certificate of Completion” after the participants have completed all scheduled training and the completion has been verified on “the Commissioned Work Implementation Report” submitted by the TLO.
Is this course an ATTP*2 certification training? Will participants receive the CE points necessary for the RTTP*3 application? 
This course is not an ATTP certification training. CE points will not be provided. 

*2 ATTP: Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals
*3 RTTP: Registered Technology Transfer Professionals