Talent Development Programs

PM Development and Promotion Program

PM Development and Promotion Program

What are Program Managers?

To promote aggressive R&D projects that lead to technological innovations, confining such projects in individual organizations is not the appropriate strategy. Instead, it is necessary to open up and adopt superior technologies both from home and from abroad, to achieve higher R&D goals. Proposing R&D concepts, selecting excellent research seeds and researchers, and compiling programs by combining multiple projects beyond the boundaries of research areas or organizations, program managers (PM) are the ones who perform the functions required to achieve the aforementioned goals.

PM Development Program Aims to Nurture:

  • Talents who can combine superior research findings and technologies across disciplines, to plan and design aggressive R&D projects whose goal is to bring an impactful improvement in the economy and society. 
  • Talents who can collaborate with excellent researchers and technical experts beyond organizational boundaries, and can show leadership to execute and manage multiple projects

Fundamental Abilities Required for PMs

We assume the fundamental skills needed for PMs are “an ability to comprehend the needs of society,“ “an ability to generate new value,” “an ability to advance R&D programs,” and “an ability to manage the programs.”