Talent Development Programs

PM Development and Promotion Program

PM Development and Promotion Program


During the PM training, participants will propose a program that will promote R&D that integrates superior research seeds from home and abroad and contributes to solving social issues.

1. In the first stage, participants will create a draft proposal (draft concept). To aid the process, the following programs are available:

2. In the second stage, participants will revise their program proposals to a higher quality. To aid the process, the following programs are available:

  • Consultation with Mentors
  • More detailed research (market research, site visits, workshops, literature information, etc.) [This will be commissioned research; thus, participants will be compensated for the expenses.]

Thought Development Method

Participants will practice the “thought development method” in a group work format; this method aids in planning and designing R&D programs. This method includes the following processes: identifying challenges (goals), developing these challenges into multiple required functions, developing the required functions into specific mechanisms, examining the causal connection between multiple mechanisms, and integrating the mechanisms into a structure.

Program Design

In a group work format, participants will practice systems thinking (how to holistically see or systematically think of a matter) and design thinking, and learn how to use such methods to create solutions.