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  • 参画・協力機関: 東京大学, 北見工業大学, 国立病院機構 東京医療センター, 理化学研究所 革新知能統合研究センター, 慶應義塾大学, 世界経済フォーラム第四次産業革命日本センター, 日本情報経済社会推進協会, Code for Japan, グルーヴノーツ, データ流通推進協議会, 日本医療ベンチャー協会
  • キーワード: 医事法, 携帯電話, 感染症対策, 個人情報保護, プライバシー
  • 研究開発期間: 2020年9月~2024年3月 (進行中)
  • グラント番号: JPMJRX20J5
  • 開発者

    米村 滋人

    東京大学 大学院法学政治学研究科



    • 統括・ELSI検討グループ
      米村 滋人 東京大学 大学院法学政治学研究科 教授 (民法・医事法)
    • 技術検討グループ
      奥村 貴史 北見工業大学 大学院地域未来デザイン工学科 教授 (公衆衛生情報学)
    • 社会対話グループ
      尾藤 誠司 国立病院機構 東京医療センター臨床研究センター 臨床疫学研究室長 (医療コミュニケーション)


    Overview of the R&D project

    A Comprehensive Study of Infectious Disease Control Using Mobile Phone-Related Technologies

    YONEMURA Shigeto Professor, Graduate Schools for Law and Politics, The University of Tokyo

    The use of personal data is indispensable for measures against infectious diseases, such as information disclosure of the occurrence status. Tracing technology that combines location information and card payment information has also been put into practical use. On the other hand, in some countries including Japan, due to privacy concerns, it may not be possible to provide or collect information completely. This project examines the desirable use of mobile phone-related technologies, especially location information and Bluetooth, which can be technically implemented, for the control of infectious diseases. The objective of this project is to provide a framework for appropriate use of technology and policymaking through multifaceted and interdisciplinary studies from the perspective of information engineering and ELSI, including the protection of privacy and human rights. We will make legislative proposals and develop guidelines that can be used to formulate evidence-based policies. We will also promote social dialogue in areas where consensus building is difficult, and contribute to international rulemaking.

  • Joint R&D Organizations: The University of Tokyo, Kitami Institute of Technology, National Hospital Organization Tokyo Medical Center, RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project, Keio University, World Economic Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Japan, Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community, Code for Japan, Groovenauts, Data Trading Alliance, Japan Medical Venture Association
  • Key words: Medical Law, Mobile Phones, Infectious Disease Prevention, Personal Information Protection, Privacy
  • R&D Period: September 2020 - March 2024 (in progress)
  • Grant Number: JPMJRX20J5
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