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The 3rd Researchers
Toshiro Ito Yoshiaki Iwadate Miho Ohsugi Tokitaka Oyama Chieko Koike
Masamitsu Sato Kyoko Shirakabe Kenichi Suzuki Takayuki Suzuki Torii, Keiko U.
Kenya Honda Tohru Minamino Miyo Terao Morita    

Kenichi Suzuki  Result

(15)Kenichi G. N. SUZUKI, Rinshi S. KASAI, Koichiro M. HIROSAWA, Yuri L. NEMOTO, Munenori ISHIBASHI, Yoshihiro MIWA, Takahiro K. FUJIWARA, Akihiro KUSUMI “Transient GPI-anchored protein homodimers are units for raft organization and function” Nature Chemical Biology, DOI: 10.1038/nchembio.1028
(14)"Membrane mechanisms for signal transduction: The coupling of the meso-scale raft domains to membrane-skeleton-induced compartments and dynamic protein complex"(review) Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology,in press
(13)"Lipid rafts generate digital-like signal transduction in cell plasma membranes"(review)Biotechnology Journal,inpress
(12)"Organizing principles of the plasma membrane for signal transduction: molecular dynamics in the three-tiered hierarchical meso-scale domain architecture"(reviw) Annual Review of Cell and Developmental Biology,in press
(11)Kusumi A, Suzuki KG, Kasai RS, Ritchie K, Fujiwara TK. "Hierarchical mesoscale domain organization of the plasma membrane" Trends in Biochemical Sciences, Vol 36(11), 604-615 (2011) 
(10)Oral Presentation "Single-molecule imaging studies of meso-scale raft domains in cell plasma membranes" at the International Conference on futuristic science and technology in frontier areas & 2nd annual conference of indian JSPS alumni association (Trivandrum, India)
(9) Kasai RS, Suzuki KG, Prossnitz ER, Koyama-Honda I, Nakada C, Fujiwara TK, Kusumi A. "Full characterization of GPCR monomer-dimer dynamic equilibrium by single molecule imaging" Journal of Cell Biology Vol192(3), 463-480 (2011)
(8)Invitation Lecture:"Single-molecule imaging studies of meso-scale raft domains in steady-state cells" at the Association of Pacific Rim Universities Research Symposium (Kyoto) on Nov.24 (2010).
(7)Invitation Lecture:" Meso-scale raft domains: whether and how they exist and work in steady-state cells" at the iCeMS(Kyoto) on Nov.10 2010.
(6)K.Suzuki"Membrane molecules mobile even after chemical fixation" Nature Methods.7, 865-866 (2010).
(5) A. Kusumi, Y. Shirai, I. Koyama-Honda, K. G. N. Suzuki, and T. K. Fujiwara, ”Hierarchical organization of the plasma membrane: investigations by single-molecule tracking vs. fluorescence correlation spectroscopy” (Review) FEBS Letters. 584, 1814-1823 (2010).
(4) Invitation Lecture:””Lipid-stabilized homo-dimers of GPI-anchored proteins based on ectodomain protein interactions ”at the 13th annual meething of Membrane Research Forum (Kyoto)on Jan.29 2010.
(3) Invitation Lecture:”Mechanism for RAFT-based signal transduction as studied by single-molecule tracking”at the 5th annual meething of Leukocyte Signal Transduction Workshop (Crete, Greece)on Jun.17 2009.
(2) Oral presentation:”Glycosphingolipids and Non-Raft Phospholipids Exhibit Very Similar Dynamics in Single-Molecule Observations”at the 53th annual meething of The Biophysical Society(Boston) on Mar.2nd 2009.
(1) K. G. N. Suzuki, A. Kusumi “Mechanism for signal transduction in the induced-raft domains as revealed by single molecule tracking” Trends in Glycoscience and Glycotechnology, 20 (116) 341-351 (2008).
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