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Fundamental Technologies for Dependable VLSI System

Research Supervisor
Shojiro Asai
Executive Vice President, Rigaku Corporation
Year Started


This Research Area covers the R & D of fundamental technologies for the VLSI system that can guarantee high reliability and high security. It is a societal requirement today to guarantee the reliability and security of information systems, on which human activities depend to an ever increasing extent. The VLSI, its engine, is also a gigantic system itself containing a huge number of circuit elements, and its reliability and security is at the core of those of any information system. This Research Area addresses problems that have to be solved to realize VLSI systems with advanced levels of integration, while ensuring required reliability and security. To be concrete, the scope of this Research Area includes subjects as follows. Some of the major physical problems are fluctuation associated with ultimate miniaturization of integrated-circuit elements, single-event data failure, and deterioration brought by long time use. These degrading factors not only cause malfunctions, but also might prevent a VLSI from large-scale integration. An extensive search for novel technologies to alleviate those factors is required at the device level, circuit level, and system level. On the other hand, because large-scale integration by miniaturization will soon reach its limit, technologies for packaging many chips in three dimensions while ensuring reliability and security are also important subjects. Another R & D subjects are design techniques that prevent mistakes in design that accompanies increase in the scale of integration and complexity of system. Software that facilitates design, verification, manufacturing, and testing is sought for. Also required is R & D of architecture and circuits that detect, confine, and relieve threats to reliability and security from inside and outside of the VLSI system during operation. Requirements for a VLSI system come from the quality and performance requirements of the information system it is used in. How to specify and evaluate reliability and security requirements for the VLSI system is also a subject of this Research Area.

Strategic Sector

Development of Fundamental Technologies for the Large-scale Integrated-circuit System that can Guarantee High Reliability and High Security

Research Projects

Year Started : 2009
Research Director Affiliation Research Project
Mitsumasa Koyanagi Professor, Tohoku University Three-Dimensional VLSI System with Self-Restoration Function
Ken Takeuchi Associate Professor, University of Tokyo Dependable Wireless Solid-State Drive (SSD)
Takeshi Fujino Professor, Ritsumeikan University The Design and Evaluation Methodology of Dependable VLSI for Tamper Resistance
Nobuyuki Yamasaki Associate Professor, Keio University Fundamental Technology on Dependable SoC and SiP for Embedded Real-Time Systems
Year Started : 2008
Research Director Affiliation Research Project
Seiji Kajihara Professor, The Kyushu Institute of Technology Circuit and System Mechanisms for High Field Reliability
Masahiko Yoshimoto Professor, Kobe University Dependable SRAM Techniques for Highly Reliable VLSI System
Tomohiro Yoneda Professor, The National Institute of Informatics Development of Dependable Network-on-Chip Platform
Year Started : 2007
Research Director Affiliation Research Project
Hidetoshi Onodera Professor, Kyoto University Dependable VLSI Platform Using Robust Fabrics
Shuichi Sakai Professor, The University of Tokyo Ultra Dependable VLSI by Collaboration of Formal Verifications and Architectural Technologies
Kazuo Tsubouchi Professor Emerius, Tohoku University Development of Dependable Wireless System and Device
Hiroto Yasuura Trustee and Vice President, Kyushu University Modeling, Detection, Correction and Recovery Techniques for Unified Dependable Design
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