In FY2024, research proposals are invited for 9 CREST, 15 PRESTO and 5 ACT-X Research Areas.
Information about each research areas (Basic information, Schedule of calling for proposals, Research Supervisor’s Policy for selection, How to apply) will be linked to the table below.

CREST is a funding program for team-oriented research with the aim of achieving the strategic goals set forth by the government. The objective is to create revolutionary technological seeds for science and technology innovation.

Keyword Research Area Research Supervisor Establishment
Prediction Mathematical Foundation Creation of mathematical foundation for prediction and control Motoko Kotani FY2024
Photonics Synergy Frontier exploration via the synergy of photonics/optics with information, communication, sensing, and material technologies Yoshiaki Nakano FY2024
Materials development and recycling Creation of innovative and integrated technologies for materials development and circular processes and development of their scientific basis. Tomonaga Okabe FY2024
The Power of Life Elucidating the power of life through innovative measurement and analysis techniques Noboru Mizushima FY2024
Quantum Frontiers Exploring Quantum Frontiers Through Quantum-Classical Interdisciplinary Fusion Nobuyuki Imoto FY2023
Carbon-Blue X Exploring the Potential of Ocean Blue Carbon through Investigation of Ocean and Carbon Cycling Interactions Shin-ichi Ito FY2023
Nano-material Semiconductors Fundamental Technology for Semiconductor-Device Structures Using Nanomaterials Riichiro Saito FY2023
yuCell Cell Control Miyawaki Atsushi FY2023
Innovative Measurement and Analysis Creating Innovative Measurement and Analysis Systems Aiming to Solve Social Issues Takashi Washio FY2022

Promoting individual Research to Nurture the Seed of Future Innovation and Organizing Unique, Innovative Network

Keyword Research Area Research Supervisor
(※Deputy Research Supervisor)
R&D Process Innovation R&D Process Innovation by AI and Robotics: Technical Foundations and Practical Applications Ichiro Takeuchi FY2024
Mathematical Sciences for the Future Exploration of new science using mathematics to predict and control the future Zin Arai FY2024
Photonics Synergy  Pioneering the Synergy of Information and Physics Connected by Optics and Photonics Tetsuya Kawanishi FY2024
Development and recycling of materials Basic Research for the Development and Recycling of Materials Susumu Kitagawa FY2024
Dual Biological Potentials Multiscale and interdisciplinary approaches to investigate mechanisms of resilience and diversification across wide ranges of spatiotemporal metrics Tadashi Uemura FY2024
yuCell Cell Control Atsushi Miyawaki
Takashi Yamamoto
Quantum Frontiers Exploring Quantum Frontiers through Quantum-Classical Interdisciplinary Fusion Nobuyuki Imoto FY2023
Blue Biosphere Exploration of the Blue Biosphere-Climate System Towards Carbon Cycle Management Jota Kanda FY2023
Nano Materials Devices Nano Materials for New Principle Devices Yoshihiro Iwasa FY2023
Human-Centered Interaction Creating Human-Centered Interaction to Solve Social Issues Hideaki Kuzuoka FY2023
Measurement and Analysis Foundation Establishing the Solid Foundation for Innovative Measurement and Analysis Process Isao Tanaka FY2023
Quantum Cooperation Quantum Cooperation between Materials and Information Kensuke Kobayashi FY2022
Social transformation platform Co-Creation of the transformation platform technology for human and society by integration of the humanities and sciences Satoshi Kurihara FY2022
Material Conversion Development of Basic Material Conversion Science for global environment Ichiro Yamanaka FY2022
Aging Fundamental understanding of age-related organismal transformations Masayuki Miura FY2022

Promoting individual research for young researchers who strive towards strategic objectives without fear of failure. Finding and nurturing young researchers who have unique and progressive ideas and supporting their growth as individual researchers.

Keyword Research Area Research Supervisor Establishment
Life and Information Life and Information Yuji Sugita FY2024
Cyberinfrastructure Cyberinfrastructure for AI empowered society Shinji Shimojo FY2024
NextAI-Math-Info Innovations in Mathematical and Information Sciences to Build the Next-Generation AI Takahiro Hara FY2023
Trans-Scale Trans-Scale Approach toward Materials Innovation Masayuki Takeuchi FY2023
Life Phenomena and Materials Life Phenomena and Materials Yoko Toyoshima FY2022