Basic information of the Research Area

[Mathematical Information Platform]Creating information utilization platform by integrating mathematical and information sciences, and development to society

Research Supervisor

Naonori UedaFellow, NTT Communication Science Laboratories; Deputy Director, RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project

Strategic Objective

Creating information utilization platform by integrating mathematical and information sciences, and development to society

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To create new scientific, social, and economic values by using considerable data produced in various scientific fields and the industrial world, the creation of a new concept and approach in which mathematics, mathematical science, and information science cooperate and integrate is essential. Through the creation of an innovative information utilization method in which the mathematical model-type approach, which models mechanisms, and the data driven-type approach, which uses big data, make complementary use of each upside, the acceleration and high-level application of information usage in the real society are expected.
In this research area, we aim to create a new platform technology from the cooperation and integration of mathematical and information sciences with respect to the solution of the problems in the actual society and the creation of added values that may be difficult only with the data driven-type approach, such as AI and big data analysis. More specifically, we cope with the following research and development areas.
(1) Construction of the theory and technology that contribute to the creation of a new information utilization method involving the concept of mathematics
(2) Creation of a new science that links mathematics, mathematical science, and information science
(3) Creation of a next-generation application platform technology of data analysis algorithms and software programs that accelerates and enhances the utilization of information in various fields and the industrial world
We aim to lead to the solution of social problem with some impact, as mentioned above.
This research area is managed in the course of AI, big data, IoT, and the cyber security integration project developed by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (AIP Project).

Research Area Advisors

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Schedule of Selection Process

Deadline for application
Document-based review 2021/06/25
JST will contact to the interviewees no later than 2021/07/02
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Research Supervisor's Policy

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