Bilateral collaboration

Bilateral collaboration

Counterpart country / RegionResearch areaProgram
Australia Marine Science SICP
Brazil Biomass and Biotechnology SICP
Canada Environmental Science and Technologies and Energy SICP
Epigenetics of Stem Cells SICORP
China Science and Technology for Environment Conservation and Construction of a Society with Less Environmental Burden SICP
Climate Change, Earthquake Disaster Mitigation SICP
Highly Efficient Energy Utilization SICORP
Genomics of Biodiversity : Exploring the Formation Mechanisms and Conservation of Biodiversity SICORP
Research and Development to Find Solutions to Environmental and Energy Issues in Urban Areas SICORP
Croatia Materials Science SICP
Denmark Life Science SICP
Finland Functional Materials, Medical Science SICP
France ICT including Computer Science SICP
Life Science SICP
Information and Communication Science and Technologies (ICT) SICORP
Molecular Technology SICORP
Germany Nanoelectronics SICP
Computational Neuroscience SICP
Nanoelectronics SICORP
Optics and Photonics SICORP
India Multidisciplinary ICT SICP
Biomedical Research SICP
Israel Lifescience SICP
ICT for a Resilient Society SICORP
Korea Bio Science SICP
Mexico Life Science SICP
New Zealand Bioscience and Biotechnology SICP
Functional Foods SICORP
Russia Rational nature management including Arctic Research and Energy efficiency SICORP
Singapore Functional Applications in Physical Sciences SICP
Functional Applications in Physical Sciences SICORP
South Africa Life Science SICP
Spain Multidisciplinary Materials Science SICP
Sweden Mutidisciplinary BIO SICP
Innovative Solutions, Community Design and Services for Elderly People SICORP
Switzerland Life Science SICP
Research on Hydrogen as a renewable energy carrier SICORP
Thailand Biotechnology SICP
United Kingdom Bionanotechnology, Bionanotechnology, Structural Genomics and Proteomics, Systems Biology SICP
Advanced Materials SICP
Advanced Health Research SICP
Marine Sensors Proof of Concept SICORP
United States of America Science and Technology for a Secure and Safe Society SICP
Metabolomics for a Low Carbon Society SICORP
Big Data and Disaster Research SICORP
EU Environment SICP
Superconductivity SICORP
Development of New Materials for the Substitution of Critical Metals SICORP
Power Electronics SICORP
Disaster Risk Management SICORP

Multilateral collaboration

ProgramResearch area
e-ASIA Materials (Nanotechnology)
Alternative Energy
Agriculture (Food)
Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
Advanced Interdisciplinary Research towards Innovation
Environment (Climate Change, Marine Science)
Health Research (Infectious Diseases, Cancer)
※Japanese activities in the field of "Health Research" under the e-ASIA JRP is currently covered by Japan Research and Development Agency (AMED).
CONCERT-Japan Efficient Energy Storage and Distribution / Resilience against Disasters
Photonic Manufacturing
EIG CONCERT-Japan Food Crops and Biomass Production
Efficient Energy Storage and Distribution
Functional Porous Materials
Belmont Forum Food Security and Land-Use Change
Arctic Observing and Research for Sustainability
Scenarios of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
Climate Predictability and Inter-Regional Linkage
Sustainable Urbanisation Global Initiative 2017 selection - Food-Water-Energy Nexus -
Transformations to Sustainability
Science-driven e-Infrastructures Innovation
Transdisciplinary Research for Ocean Sustainability
RegionResearch area
V4 (Czech, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) Advanced Materials
Japan-China-Korea Global issues and issues of concern in Northeast Asia that are critical to the region

Collaboration Hubs for International Research Program (CHIRP)

Counterpart country / RegionResearch area
ASEAN Countries Environment / Energy, Bioresources, Disaster prevention
India Information and Communications Technology
China Environmental and Energy


Disaster supported (name)counterpart agency
The Great East Japan Earthquake US, UK, France, Indonesia
Thai flood disaster Thailand
Typhoon Yolanda Philippines
Nepal earthquake Nepal
Kumamoto Earthquake USA, New Zealand, Thailand, Nepal