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Environment/Energy (Carbon Neutrality)

  • SDGs9
  • SDGs17
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Principal Investigator (Affiliation) 日本 General Manager
TSUBOI Tsutomu
(Global Business Development Office, Nagoya Electric Works Co., Ltd.)
タイ Prof. Emeritus
(Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IITH))
Research Institutions in Japan Nagoya Electric Works Co., Ltd. / College of Science and Technology, Nihon University
Research Institutions in India Indian Institutes of Technology Hyderabad
Adoption fiscal year FY 2016
Research Period 5 Years
ODA Recipient Country India
General Description of the Research Project

Realizing a modal shift of urban transportation towards a low-carbon society through traffic analysis
With the rapid economic growth in emerging countries, particularly India, the negative impacts of increasing transportation such as environmental disruption and fatal accidents have become a growing social concern. The actual traffic conditions are difficult to grasp at present. The project aims to grasp the situation of urban traffic by analyzing big data collected with the latest sensing technologies. The objective is to realize a low-carbon, smart-mobility society by building a multi-modal system which utilizing appropriate transportation in city with more usage of public transportation with sufficient feeder.

Accelerating a modal shift in India and building a sustainable urban transport system Starting with the larger cities of India, the project aims to establish a reliable and common approach for grasping the traffic situation across India by building a system that effectively utilizes mobile devices which has been already widely used in the countries. This may lead to the formation of a consortium to realize urban transportation systems suitable for emerging countries and facilitate a modal shift.

General Description of the Research Project

Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, where the testbed is planned to be built. A model will be developed here and used for demonstration in Ahmadabad.


Streets of Hyderabad suffering from traffic congestion on a daily basis


A new subway in Ahmadabad scheduled to be opened in 2019. This project aims to realize a multi-modal system through collaboration between subways and BRT.

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