Selection Process

Introducing the SATREPS application and selection process.


Pre-consultation and document submission

Having arranged the content of the research, the Japanese researcher needs to prepare a research proposal from the Japanese side and an ODA request from the partner country, and submit each of these by the required deadlines. The document submission deadlines and the research proposal format are given on the research proposal application page.

Please ask the researchers in the partner country to check at an early stage with the partner country's ministry or agency what application procedures are required and how much time this will take.


Conformity Check

JST and JICA will check that both the Japanese research proposal and the partner country's ODA request have been submitted.

If either of these documents has not been submitted by the required deadline, the research proposal will be considered incomplete and will not be selected.


Document screening / Interview

A Screening Committee composed of external experts appointed by the JST conducts document screening based on the research proposal documents, and interview screening based on a presentation by the researcher.

Only applicants who have passed the document screening process will be invited for a selection interview.


Provisional selection

Research proposals that have passed the selection process are "provisionally selected" as projects for implementation.

"Provisional selection" is used because of the possibility that it may not be feasible to embark on an international joint research project should agreement not be reached in Step 5 in the practical discussions with the partner country organizations concerned, for reasons such as the content of the research, shortening of the research period, or the security situation in the partner country.


Provisional Period and Formal Selection

After provisional selection, following discussions between the Japanese side and their counterparts in the partner country and a detailed plan formulation survey conducted on the ground in the partner country, a Record of Discussions (R/D)*1 and a Collaborative Research Agreement (CRA)*2 are signed, marking the official start of the international joint research project.

*1 The Record of Discussions (R/D) is a record of the discussions between representative organizations in the partner country and JICA, regarded as an agreement on the implementation of a technical collaboration project.
*2 The Collaborative Research Agreement (CRA) is a written agreement for a joint research project between the Japanese side and the research institution (the party concerned) in the partner country.

Contains the latest information on applications for research proposals.

Extent of Research Period (5-year project)

After provisional selection, the research institution in the partner country and JICA reach agreement on the details of the technical cooperation project and sign an R/D and CRA, after which the international research project can formally commence. During the provisional period, the Principal Researcher and others hold several meetings with JST and JICA, visit the research institution in the partner country to discuss the details, and work toward the signing of the R/D and CRA over a period of around 1 year.

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