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Creation of Beef Value Chain by Optimizing Ruminal Microbiota and Grassland Management on Digital Platform


Republic of Colombia

Creation of Beef Value Chain by Optimizing Ruminal Microbiota and Grassland Management on Digital Platform

Enabling sustainable beef production by eliciting the power of cattle and grasslands on a digital platform!

  • SDGs09
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  • SDGs15

Principal Investigator

    • Prof.
      OHKURA Satoshi

      Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences, Nagoya University
    • researchmap
    • Dr.
      Lorena Aguayo Ulloa


ODA Recipient Country

Republic of Colombia

Research Institutions in Japan

Nagoya University / Chubu University

Research Institutions in Counterpart Country


Adoption fiscal year

FY 2021

Research Period

5 Years

Overview of the Research Project

Develop smart livestock production technology using locally diverse livestock resources
In this study, we will provide smart livestock production technology to ranchers in Colombia, which has a competitive beef production industry, offering them a digital platform that small-scale farmers can use to increase their income to improve beef productivity in a tropical region with a dry season. Furthermore, we aim to utilize the genetic diversity of the ruminal microbiota and grassland diversity, which are closely linked to productivity, to enable the preservation and sustainable use of the pasture ecosystems where livestock is mainly let out to graze and to contribute to regional development through value-added livestock production.

Creating a digital platform that contributes to beef production system optimization
A digital platform that provides traceability for Colombian beef will increase the productivity of local livestock communities and provide a digital certification of beef quality. Going forward, this will contribute to adopting the smart livestock regional model that supports the optimization of the beef production structure by utilizing regional characteristics.

Photo gallery


Beef cattle grazing in a Colombian meat-cluster region


Consultation with ranchers in a Colombian meat-cluster region


Native Colombian beef cattle (Romosinuano cattle)

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