Project List

A type

Field Research Themes Principal Investigator Affiliation Title Partner Country
Environment and Energy Implementation and Effectiveness Verification of Risk-based Control Approaches for Lead Contaminated Environment and Lead Poisoning in Zambian Mining District ISHIZUKA Mayumi Hokkaido University Professor Zambia
Development of Elemental Technology and Creation of New Industry toward Social Implementation of Sustainable Natural Rubber Ecosystem KAWAHARA Seiichi Nagaoka University of Technology Professor Vietnam
Accuracy Improvement and Demonstration by Boring Survey of Steam-Spot Detection Technology for Locating Drilling Sites of Geothermal Production Wells KOIKE Katsuaki Kyoto University Professor Indonesia
Commercialization of Biodegradable Nano-Composites in Malaysia SHIRAI Yoshihito Kyushu Institute of Technology Professor Malaysia
Reinforcing and accelerating technologies for ensuring domestic water security by water resources diagnosis and decentralized treatment system NISHIDA Kei University of Yamanashi Professor Nepal / Ghana
Bioresources Development of endogenous retrovirus (PERV)-free strains utilizing characteristics of Vietnamese native pigs KIKUCHI Kazuhiro National Agriculture and Food Research Organization Associate group leader Vietnam
Enhancing rice productivity through introduction of improved varieties and advanced cultivation technologies in Kenya MAKIHARA Daigo Nagoya University Associate Professor Kenya
Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Study on advancement of real-time hazard prediction of volcanic eruption and verification test for its social implementation IGUCHI Masato Kyoto University Professor Indonesia
Applications and demonstrations of Japanese ocean bottom observation system and culturally-tuned disaster education program ITO Yoshihiro Kyoto University Associate Professor Mexico
Experimental Implementation of Volcano, Earthquake and Disaster Monitoring Technologies Using Latest UAV, RTKGNSS, and Sensors FUKUI Hiromichi
(2020 year INOUE Hiroshi)
Chubu University Professor Philippine

B type

Field Research Themes Principal Investigator Affiliation Title Partner Country
Environment and Energy Scientific Feasibility Study for Verification Project of Sterilizing Effect by Utilizing UV-LEDs and Development of Water Purification Devices to Supply Safe Drinking Water in Cambodia AMANO Hiroshi Nagoya University Professor Cambodia
Feasibility study for implementing non-burnt bricks to reduce environmental load and improve working environment in Indian brick manufacturing industry ARAKI Yoshikazu Nagoya University Professor India
Assessment of Ecosystem Services of North Western Dry Forests in Madagascar and Potential for Sustainable Development with REDD+ KITAJIMA Kaoru Kyoto University Professor Madagascar
Preliminary Efforts to Ensure a Safe-environments in Areas Surrounding Uranium Mines in Kazakhstan SAKAGUCHI Aya University of Tsukuba Associate Professor Kazakhstan
Development of Electrocatalysts for Zinc Air Secondary Batteries for High Current Density YONEZAWA Tetsu Hokkaido University Professor Thailand
Bioresources Creation of new commercial application of chitin nanofibers from prawn shells for agricultural product in Bangladesh IFUKU Shinsuke Tottori University Professor Bangladesh
Promotion of domestication of giant rodent grass cutters for environmental protection and food safety in West Africa KOIDE Tsuyoshi National Institute of Genetics Associate Professor Ghana
Development and demonstration of high-performance rice breeding support pipeline for semiarid area Ninomiya Seishi The University of Tokyo Project Professor India
Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Identifying the vulnerable population using de-identified telecom data and satellite images for enhancing disaster management SHIBASAKI Ryosuke The University of Tokyo Professor Mozambique
Large-scale joint experiment to identify issues for strengthening resilience of bridge structures against earthquake disasters in Myanmar FURUKAWA Aiko Kyoto University Associate Professor Myanmar