Development of Elemental Technology and Creation of New Industry toward Social Implementation of Sustainable Natural Rubber Ecosystem

Principal Investigator (Affiliation)
  • Prof. KAWAHARA Seiichi
    Nagaoka University of Technology, Department of Material Science and Technology
Associate Prof. KASAI Daisuke
Nagaoka University of Technology, Department of Bioengineering
Prof. YAMAGUCHI Takashi
Nagaoka University of Technology, Aqua & Soil Environmental Laboratory
Deputy Director, Dr, SYUTSUBO Kazuaki
National Institute for Environmental Studies, Regional Environment Conservation Division
Research Participant
Associate Prof. YAMAMOTO Yoshimasa
National Institute of Technology, Tokyo College (Tokyo KOSEN ), Department of Chemical Science and Engineering
Prof. ・Director・Vice-president KAMADO Shigeharu
Nagaoka University of Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Prof. ISHII Hiroyuki
National Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu College ( Kitakyushu KOSEN ), Department of Creative Engineering
Prof. AOYAMA Yoko
National Institute of Technology, Numazu College ( Numazu KOSEN ), Chemistry & Biochemistry
Associate Prof. SATO Shin
Tottori University of Environmental Studies, Faculty of Environmental Studies
Assistant Prof. WATARI Takahiro
Nagaoka University of Technology, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
International Coordinator
Former JST Singapore
Research Institutions in Japan Nagaoka University of Technology / National Institute for Environmental Studies / Tottori University of Environmental Studies / Tokyo KOSEN / Numazu KOSEN / Kitakyushu KOSEN
Cooperating Organization in Japan
Partner Country Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Research Institutions in Vietnam
Cooperating organization in Vietnam Hanoi University of Science and Technology
Support Organization Sumitomo Riko Company Limited / Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd / Vietnam Rubber Association
General Description of the Research Project Aim of this study is to establish a base of innovative technologies to create new industries, which we have never seen, by replacing synthetic rubbers, prepared from fossil resources with CO2 emission of about 0.6 billion tons per year, into natural rubber, one of the sustainable biological resources, toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Some attempts will be made to develop a spray drum dryer method to produce bulk protein-free natural rubber (nitrogen content : 0.00 w/w%) as a new technology in natural rubber field, to develop new vulcanization with a suitable compounding formula to produce protein-free natural rubber products, to develop biodegradation technology for natural rubber and natural rubber products in conjunction with new ISO standard, and to develop environmental conservation technology performed through resource recovery type wastewater treatment and unique industrial base on the basis of social implementation, toward reducing CO2 emissions by about 50 million tons per year in the future. We establish implementable technologies to the society while developing human resources such as engineers and researchers who will lead the new industries related to natural rubber and contribute to sustainable use of biological resources in Vietnam, where we find high demand.
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