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Takumi Konno | Professor,  Osaka University

Research Projects

Exploitation of Coordination Molecular
Technology That Leads to the Creation of New
Conceptual Ionic Solids with New Functionalities

Research Project Outline

The purpose of this study is to exploit a new molecular technology based on coordination chemistry, that is ‘Coordination Molecular Technology’, which leads to the creation of new conceptual ionic solids having a novel view of materials. In this study, a new class of ionic solids, in which non-Coulombic interactions govern the spatial arrangement of cations and anions, will be rationally synthesized by means of the size enlargement and the surface functionality for ionic metal complexes. This should lead to the discovery of novel phenomena that have never found in known ionic solids, as well as the creation of novel functionalities needed for the innovation in scientific technology.

Research Director

Takumi Konno
Professor, Osaka University Web Site

Main Research Collaborators

Mitutaka Okumura
Professor, Osaka University
Yasuhiro Nakazawa
Professor, Osaka University

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