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Masataka Nagaoka | Professor, Nagoya University

Research Projects

Establishment of Computational Molecular Technology
towards Macroscopic Chemical Phenomena
-Molecular Control of Complex Chemical Reactions, Stereospecificity and Aggregate

Research Project Outline

This project aims at control of complex chemical reactions in the "molecular aggregation state" where a large number of molecules literally gather. For the purpose, new "computational molecular technology" will be developed, keeping atomic and molecular information, to treat such chemical reactions that do occur very rarely from the microscopic viewpoint (i.e., super-rare phenomena), then leading to a technology innovation. Realizing the stereochemical control of aggregation-state chemical reactions and the structural control of super-nano scale aggregates, new functional materials will be designed and created. We are dreaming to finally offer the general-purpose environment of the "computational molecular technology" of macroscopic chemical phenomena simulation, through collaboration with experimentalists.

Research Director

Masataka Nagaoka
Professor, Nagoya University Web Site

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