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Takanori Yokota | Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental  University

Research Projects

Development for molecular technology
with new class of nucleotide drug

Research Project Outline

In order to achieve “healthy and productive senescence” in rapidly aged society, we develop our new class nucleotide drug to overcome difficult disorders including Alzheimer disease by cross-sectoral approach of medicine, pharmacology and engineering in this project. Then, we hope to open a new horizon in drug-discovery with this cardinal molecular technology of Japan and make an international contribution by producing safe and orally intaken heroic drugs for these incurable diseases.

Research Director

Takanori Yokota
Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental University Web Site

Main Research Collaborators

Takeshi Wada
Associate Professor, University of Tokyo
Satoshi Obika
Professor, Osaka University
Masahiro Murakami
Professor, Osaka Ohtani University
Kouhei Tsumoto
Professor, University of Tokyo

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