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Nagahiro Saito | Professor, Nagoya University

Research Projects

Deepening of the Precise Reaction Field
in Solution Plasma and Development of
Advanced Carbon Catalyst

Research Project Outline

In order to establish the precise synthesis field through solution plasma, we will construct a novel spectroanalysis method and identify the excited species and active species. In this reaction field, we synthesize novel carbon materials from aromatic compounds including hetero atoms such as nitrogen, boron, and phosphorus. These materials with tuned electric structure work as a catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction by tuning the electric structure. The catalyst will be realized as a cathode material for metal-air battery. Finally, we aim to establish the fundamental on solution plasma for molecular technology.


Solution Plasma

Research Director

Nagahiro Saito
Professor, Nagoya University Web Site

Main Research Collaborators

Hiroharu Yui
Professor, Tokyo University of Science
Jun Nakamura
Professor, University of Electro-Communications
Takahiro Ishizaki
Associate Professor, Shibaura institute of technology

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