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  • Motoyuki OTSUKA
  • Hiroki KATO
  • Takayuki KURAISHI
  • Takashi SAITO
  • Motoaki SANO
  • Takayoshi SUGANAMI
  • Takahisa NAKAMURA
  • Rikinari HANAYAMA

Motoaki Sano – Treatment and prevention of heart failure by immunomodulation


Motoaki Sano
Associate Professor, Departmen of Cardiology, Keio University School fo Medicine
Research Theme
Treatment and prevention of heart failure by immunomodulation

Heart failure is a phenotype that marks the final common pathway in a diversity of specific cardiovascular disease and is the main cause of death in our country. Dyspnea is a frequent limiting symptom and reduces the quality of life of heart failure patients. Neurohormonal blockade and the use of loop diuretics improve prognosis and help relieve dyspnea to a certain extent, but is far from satisfactory. We evaluate the impact of therapeutic intervention aimed at modulating the immune response in mouse models of heart failure due to myocardial infarction.

Research Results
The 5 Cardinal Signs of Inflammation