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Mar. /2019
(Overseas Research Report)
Support for research-and-development-type startups overseas/CRDS-FY2017-OR-01_EN
Executive Summary

For the purpose of contributing to policy planning concerning scientific and technological innovation in Japan, we, at the Center for Research and Development Strategy (CRDS), Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), have surveyed and analyzed trends in scientific and technological innovation of the world's major countries, and released the results. As part of our effort to serve this purpose, we conducted surveys on the state of support for research-and-development-type startups in major countries, and this report summarizes their results.

In 2016, we looked at representative examples of knowledge transfer systems in Germany, the US, the UK, and France as part of the survey of innovation through knowledge transfer in major countries. This time, we broadened our perspective to learn about situations facing startups of various countries, and put our focus on related basic policies and support programs. We also selected a number of startups and visited their countries to see how they used national support programs. For this purpose, we newly added Israel to a group of our target countries, as it aims to grow its economy with startups at the core so keenly that it is called the "Startup Nation." While China cannot be ignored for its recent fast-paced changes, this report only looks at the situation surrounding Tsinghua University and Shenzhen as case studies. In addition, before this overseas survey, we conducted literature searches and interviews with the parties concerned to learn about the situation in Japan and find what they viewed as problems.

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