Message to reserchersconduct for responsible research activities

The recent incidents involving misconduct and dishonesty in research activities have resulted in an alarming condition that threatens the relationship of trust between science and society, and hinders the healthy development of scientific technologies. To prevent misconduct in research activities, autonomous self-purification of the scientific community must function. Each researcher must strictly discipline him/herself and work to create new knowledge and inventions that are useful for society, based on a high moral standard to meet the expectations of society. As a funding agency for research , the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) considers research misconduct a grave issue and makes every effort to prevent it in cooperation with relevant organizations, thereby aiming to regain public trust.

  1. JST believes that honesty in research activities is extremely important for Japan, which seeks to develop itself through science and technology.
  2. JST supports honest and responsible research activities.
  3. JST strictly condemns any misconduct in research activities.
  4. JST will promote education in research ethics and reform its research funding programs in cooperation with relevant organizations, in order to prevent misconduct.

We must develop a healthy scientific culture based on social trust toward building a society filled with hopes and dreams for a bright future. We therefore request the continued understanding and cooperation of the research community and related institutions.

Japan Science and Technology Agency

The Research Integrity System in JAPAN (Focusing on MEXT)

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