ALCA External Evaluation Committee(EEC) Final Report

1 The Demand of External Evaluation

It is necessary as a part of this to implement an evaluation by external experts this year, five years after this Project was launched, in order to be able to finalize the results of an objective self-evaluation at the end of JST’s third mid-term plan.
The creation of “technology that contributes to the creation of a low carbon society,” ALCA’s objective, is a major part of the development of mitigation measures for “global warming,” the urgent challenge to which the international community must respond in unity. Thus, it is necessary to evaluate ALCA Program from the perspective of global trends in research and development and international cooperation aimed at the mitigation of global warming by inviting, as members of this committee, countermeasures in addition to its domestic members overseas experts who are engaged in promising research and development in the environment and energy area or are significantly positioned to actively implement global warming.

2 Schedule

Date:March 4th (Fri) ~ March 6th(Sun) 2016

1st day:
Site Visit to Tsukuba district, Ibaraki (NIMS / AIST)
2nd day:
The evaluation scope,ALCA Activity Reports to EEC (JST Tokyo Headquarter)
3rd day:
Summarization of ALCA activity and EEC recommendation (JST Tokyo Headquarter)

3 Committee Members

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4 The Evaluation Scope of ALCA EEC

(1) Evaluation of the ALCA Technology Area

  • Evaluation of Overall ALCA Technology Area
  • Methodology to achieve the purpose of ALCA
  • Outcomes from ALCA

(2) Evaluation of Overall Program ALCA

  • Overall Mission and Scope and Program Design of ALCA
  • Program Operation Measures

(3) Recommendations and suggestions by ALCA EEC

5 Results

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