Infrastructure Maintenance, Renovation and Management

Last updated: August 1, 2017

List of Regional Implementation Support Teams
-Infrastructure Maintenance, Renovation and Management-

Asset Management Technologies

No. Research and Development Theme Principal Investigator (Affiliation)
61 Research on Regional Cooperation for Applications of Asset Management for Civil Infrastructuers Yasushi Takamatsu
(Hokkaido University)
62 Conversion to a Regional-Autonomous System as Next-Generation Water Infrastructure Management Ken Ushijima
(Hokkaido Research Organization)
63 Establishment and Promotion of the Tohoku Infrastructure Management Platform Makoto Hisada
(Tohoku University)
64 Implementation of Effective SIP Maintenance Technologies by the ME Network Keitetsu Rokugo
(Gifu University)
65 Framework of Infrastructure Maintenance in Kansai/Hiroshima Regions and Actual Deployment of New Technologies Hitoshi Furuta
(Kansai University)
66 Development of Civil Infrastructure Maintenance Systems for Local Governments Through Multi-Phased Diagnosis Tamotsu Kuroda
(Tottori University)
67 Development of Local Government Support Systems Focusing on Risks of Serious Accidents Pang-jo Chun
(Ehime University)
68 Research and Development of Implementation in Society of Innovative Advanced Technology for Civil Infrastructure Maintenance Hiroshi Matsuda
(Nagasaki University)
69 Development of Bridge Maintenance Technologies for Subtropical Islands and Training Diagnostic Experts Yasunori Arizumi
(University of the Ryukyus)
70 Development of Models for Improving Service Life of Civil Infrastructures Through Cooperation between Business Administration, Science and Engineering, and Economics Atsuomi Obayashi
(Keio University)

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