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Dissemination and Enlightenment

Teaching materials

Please use them for research ethics education at universities and companies.

THE LAB (Interactive movie for promotion of research integrity)

The Lab

"THE LAB : Avoiding Research Misconduct" is an interactive video material produced by the Office of Research Integrity, USA (US ORI). This is available in English, Japanese, Spanish and Chinese.
In an effort to disseminate research ethics, JST has received a license from ORI to create a Japanese version of "THE LAB", a video educational materials developed by ORI.

Conduct for Responsible Research Activities(Booklet created by JST)

パンフレット 研究者の皆様へ

JST has summarized what is research misconduct (fabrication, falsification and plagiarism) in research activities and preventive measures against misconduct in an easy-to-understand manner.

On the Appropriate Use of Public Research Funds(Booklet created by JST)

パンフレット 研究者の皆様へ

JST has summarized the types and examples of misappropriation of research funds and preventive measures against misconduct in an easy-to-understand manner.

e-Learning materials


APRIN eラーニングプログラム

Researchers who are part of new projects funded by JST must complete APRIN e-learning program (eAPRIN).

〔Educational materials designated by JST〕
JST asks you to select any of the following e-learning educational materials on research ethics (eAPRIN) provided by APRIN:
JST Course (1) Biomedical - 7 modules
JST Course (2) Engineering - 7 modules
JST Course (3) Humanities - 5 modules
For specific designated units, please refer to the following materials:

On the basis of the “Program for Promoting Inter-University Collaborative Education” by MEXT, we provide an e-learning program for research-ethical education developed by researchers in Japan.
For details, please refer to the APRIN website (linked to an external page)

If you have applied for receiving an eAPRIN course via JST after the adoption of your theme as a JST project, you will receive an e-mail from JST Research Integrity Section explaining how to log in and when the course expires. Please attend the course in accordance with the following Student Manual.

Dissemination and Enlightenment