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Novel Measuring and Analytical Technology Contributions to the Elucidation and Application of Material

Research Supervisor
Michiyoshi Tanaka
Professor Emeritus, Tohoku University
Year Started


This research field focuses on the pursuit of novel principles which can be used as the driving force behind developing scientific techniques related to matter and materials, as well as the creation of novel, fundamental measurement and analysis technologies which can contribute to the discovery and clarification of new phenomena. Specifically, emphasis is placed on the construction of new materials and devices, the development of new measurement and analysis techniques contributing to the development of novel micro-scale processing technologies, and the development of new measurement and analysis techniques for the chemical form of materials with extremely low abundance in the environment. In addition, novel measurement and analysis techniques are sought with regard to the physical properties which correspond to the nano-scale configuration of materials, as well as for the physical properties and the chemical composition of surfaces and phases. Also, even for techniques based on existing fundamental principles, this field includes research which is expected to yield breakthrough techniques that can drastically improve the speed, sensitivity and resolution of measurements and analyses or can break the limitations associated with these factors. Such breakthroughs are also expected in the pursuit of new principles, and in the research and material science techniques related to the discovery and clarification of new phenomena.

Strategic Sector

Creation of Basic Technology for the Realization of Leading Edge Measuring and Analytical Equipment through the Development of New Techniques, etc

Research Projects

Year Started : 2006
Research DirectorAffiliationResearch Project
Satoshi Kawata Professor, Osaka University Plasmonic Scanning Analytical Microscope
Susumu Komiyama Professor, The University of Tokyo Studies of Semiconductor Quantum Structures and Exploration of Terahertz Technology
Kazutomo Suenaga Team Leader, National Institute for Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Low-voltage TEM/STEM for Atomic Level Characterization of Soft Matters
Kazuhiro Hono Fellow, National Institute for Materials Science Development of Laser assisted wide Angle Three-dimensional Atom Probe and Its Applications for Device Analysis
Goro Mizutani Professor, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Development of a Multi-functional Optical Sum Frequency Microscope
Year Started : 2005
Research DirectorAffiliationResearch Project
Makoto Seto Professor, Kyoto University Studies on Nuclear Resonant Scattering Methods for Materials Science
Takashi Takahashi Professor, Tohoku University Development of Bulk-sensitive Spin-resolved Ultrahigh-resolution Photoemission Spectrometer
Kiyonori Takegoshi Professor, Kyoto University Development of High Sensitive Multinuclear Solid-state NMR for Material Research
Yasuhide Naito Associate Professor, The Graduate School for the Creation of New Photonics Industries Construction of Ultra High Resolution High Speed Imaging Mass Spectrometric Technology (MS Microscope)
Katsuyuki Fukutani Professor, The University of Tokyo Hydrogen Nanoscope
Year Started : 2004
Research DirectorAffiliationResearch Project
Tadahiro Komeda Professor, Tohoku University Development of a Detection Technique of Molecular-vibration and ESR Signal with an Atomic Scale Resolution for Low-dimensional Material and a Single Molecule
Hidemi Shigekawa Professor, University of Tsukuba Development of Femtosecond Timeresolved Scanning Probe Microscopy and Related Techniques
Yuhei Shimoyama Professor, Muroran Institute of Technology Development of Multi-quantum Coherent ESR and Elucidation of Macromolecular Structure
Masaki Takata Chief Scientist, RIKEN SPring-8 Center Harima Institute Development of the Spatial- and Time-resolved Structural Study Technique for Nano-materials and Devices
Kunio Takayanagi Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology R005 Electron Microscopy for Light Elements Imaging and Analysis
Kazumichi Namikawa Professor, Tokyo Gakugei University Developments of a New Solid State Spectroscopy by Use of Extremely High Coherent Soft X-rays
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