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Quantum Neural Network -Optical Neural Networks operating at Quantum Limit-

We describe the basic concepts, operational principles and expected performance of anovel computing machine, quantum neural network, in this white paper. The readers interested in obtaining the minimum knowledge about the basic concepts and principles of the QNN can start by reading Chapter I. If he/she is interested in the cloud service starting in November, 2017, Chapters VI and VII provide a good summary for applications of this novel computing machine. Finally, those who wish to understand the quantum theory of the two types of QNN at a deeper level may read Chapter II - V as well as the above three chapters.

The contents of this white paper are listed below:

Please click each chapter, and download the PDF fail.

ChapterI Introduction to Quantum Neural Networks
ChapterII Physics of Optical Parametric Oscillator Network
ChapterIV Theory of Quantum Measurements
ChapterIII Theory of Optical Delay Line Coupling Quantum Neural Network
ChapterV Theory of Measurement Feedback Based Quantum Neural Networks
ChapterVI Coherent Ising Machines