ImPACT Program Advanced Information Society Infrastructure Linking Quantum Artificial Brains in Quantum Network


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R&D Program Plan

The R&D Program Plan is to develop hardware and software for a quantum neural network (QNN) to rapidly solve combinatorial optimization problems that appear in various fields in modern society.

The following five fields are being targeted for specific applications.

  • Drug discoveryLead optimization for identifying a small number of compounds achieving a stable bond with a target protein
  • Wireless communicationsReal-time optimal allocation of spectrum and communication methods to maximize throughput
  • Compressed sensingSparse estimation to reproduce an original image from insufficient information using the sparse properties of the information source
  • Machine learningBoltzmann sampling for high-speed execution of deep learning using text, image information, etc.
  • FinanceContinuous optimization for real-time optimization of risk/reward tradeoff problems

We are proposing an architecture that uses machines specific to these combinatorial optimization problems as an accelerator of a modern computer within a quantum neural network. Specifically, these are the coherent Ising machine for solving NP hard problems, coherent SAT machine for solving NP complete problems, the coherent XY machine for continuous optimization, and an encrypted neural network for achieving secure cloud computing. These four machines are now under development.