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Principal Investigator (Affiliation) 日本 Prof.
(Gene Research Center, University of Tsukuba) researchmap
ケニヤ Dr.
Jose Fernando De la Torre Sanchez
(Director, National Genetic Resources Center (CNRG))
Research Institutions in Japan University of Tsukuba
Research Institutions in Mexico National Genetic Resources Center (CNRG)
Adoption fiscal year FY 2012
Research Period 5 Years
ODA Recipient Country Mexico Mexico(image)
General Description of the Research Project

Exploring methods for preserving and managing genetic resources that are the foundation of food production
To stabilize the world's food supplies, it is essential to preserve the diversity of agricultural genetic resources (genomes and genes of agricultural crops, farm animals, etc.) and to utilize those resources. In Mexico, which is No.4 in terms of diversity of genetic resources among the list of 17 megadiversity countries (countries with rich biodiversity), the project is researching assessment of genetic resource diversity, establishment of methods for long-term preservation, and management of such methods. Ultimately, the aim is to establish a model for implementation of "access to genetic resources and the fair and equitable sharing of benefits" based on international regimes such as the Nagoya Protocol for the Convention on Biological Diversity and FAO International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture.

Leading model for sharing of abundant resources beyond national borders
If methods for long-term preservation of genetic resources, and management of such methods could be established at a gene bank (genetic resource preservation and management facility) in Mexico with science and technology assistance from Japan, it should be a good practice model of genetic resource research beyond national borders and international sharing of benefits under the present complex paradigm influenced by strict international laws. That outcome would provide a biological foundation for economic growth and food security.

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Tanks for ultra low temperature storage of genetic resources

Tanks for ultra low temperature storage of genetic resources

Chayote, one of the crop species covered by this project

Chayote, one of the crop species covered by this project

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