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Infectious Diseases Control

Prevention and Control of Leptospirosis in the Philippines Controlling Leptospirosis, a Neglected Disease

Principal Investigator (Affiliation)
  • SDGs3
YOSHIDA Shin-ichi
(Faculty of Medicine Sciences, Kyushu University)
Research Institutions in Japan Kyushu University / Chiba Institute of Science (CIS)
Research Institutions in Philippines Collage of Public Health, University of the Philippines Manila (CPH-UPM)
Adoption fiscal year FY 2009
Research Period 5 Years
ODA Recipient Country Republic of the PhilippinesPhilippines
General Description of the Research Project

Getting to grips with a deadly infectious disease in the Philippines
Leptospirosis is a zoonotic infectious disease with a worldwide distribution in tropical and subtropical regions that causes multiple organ failure-including jaundice, renal failure and pulmonary hemorrhage-in humans. Nevertheless, there has been little publication of research or surveys, and not many people are aware of the severity of the situation in the Philippines. The purpose of this project is to determine the incidence of leptospirosis in people, livestock, and wild rodents in the Philippines. We also aim to develop a diagnostic kit and vaccine. Additionally, we will disseminate information and educate people to prevent the spread of leptospirosis.

Elucidated the status of Leptospira infection and developed prototype diagnostic kit
To date, the research has determined the extent of infection in humans and animals, and successfully developed a prototype diagnostic kit. The next stage is vaccine development and further research into the pathogenesis of the infection, as well as verifying what methods are effective for formulating preventive measures.

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(Weil's disease pathogen)

Project staff processing samples at the Philippine Carabao Center

Project staff processing samples at the Philippine Carabao Center


The leptospirosis laboratory of the College of Public Health, University of the Philippines?Manila

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