Research and development on fundamental technologies of cyber physical systems and their social implementation -A case study on promoting aged people to social activities/CRDS-FY2012-SP-05
Executive Summary

CPS (Cyber Physical Systems) has wide variety of meanings such as tiny embedded systems, automobile systems and nationwide electric power networks. In this proposal, we define CPS as a system which includes not just computational and physical aspects, but also human. CPS gathers, processes and utilizes data from real world and human. It contributes to make every social system more efficient. Moreover it can help create new business. There are 2 issues for CPS to be accepted as a social system. The first one is as follows. There should be well defined common basic technologies to improve development efficiency, to realize integration of different CPS and to expand application services. The second issue is to pay much attention to its design, development and operation in conjunction with stakeholders, rather than just focusing on IT since CPS is tightly connected with the social activities.

Here we propose to challenge these issues by using a case study of promoting aged people to social activities. It is very important for Japan to help aged people join social activities lively, because we can obtain labors and they improve their QoL. Hence, the society can save cost of medical and welfare.

To promote aged people to social activities, we propose CPS technology which divides social activity into sub activities, then it assigns each sub activity to those who can accomplish it. CPS will overcome inconsistency of time, space or skill. Thus people can join social activities through cooperation and collaboration with others. We would like to promote aged people to social activities and finally we hope to contribute to create new business by realizing CPS.

R&D targets are
1. Information architecture to realize service integration and physical world modeling.
2. Systems architecture to support developing various types of social CPS.
3. Assuring CPS reliability as social infrastructure including countermeasure of cyber-attacks.

It will take long time for social system to be effective. Sometimes, at the begging it cannot be economical. Therefore, we need stable and long term support from government. On the other hand, R&D plan should be flexible depending on technologies and circumstances. We propose to build R&D system which has natural selection mechanism.